11 year old dating sites would i date u? GUYS only that r 10 or 11 years old

11 year old dating sites

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Both of my boys were "going out" with girls at different times, but it didn't involve anything other than phone calls monitored by us and talking at school until they were in high school. You can't control what interests him or when, but you can control some of his activities. Have you talked with your husband about what his vision is in this area? Our beliefs are that sex is only appropriate in marriage, and we were clear with our boys about that. At that age he lost his virginity and that was 24 years ago, so today the kids are on a much faster pace as far as being interested in girls.

This is long-winded, but it gives the view point of talking to a son AND to a daughter, and about discussing different topics.

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Be sure to keep open the lines of communication between you. I would ask your son what he means by "going out". Who's daughter is he going to be dating at 11?

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Once you get to college it's okay to start dating one-on-one as you search for your perfect match. He has a lifetime to date and just a short time left to be young. Dating is relatively a new concept historically, and used to mean going and doing something fun He will know better. I am even weary about church activities and try to tag along if at all possible.

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We're in for a wild ride: Our daughter knows all of the science of reproduction yes, she's watched animals on farms mate. But its not fair to either a boy or girl to create a situation where they feel they need to date to grow up.

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I just went to a conference this weekend that talked about preparing our sons to eventually be husbands, and helping our daughters look for qualities in men eventually that show they'll be good husbands I know radical for our day and age!

We have kept the conversation about sex, dating and relationships open. My son who just turned 12 said he had 3 "girlfriends" last year. Tell him that all the really smart beautiful girls are going to be in college and he does not want to be already tied down to somebody since he was 11 when he gets there. I know her Mom and we've talked about it.

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On Valentine's Day the boy gave the girl a teddy bear and an inexpensive 11 year old dating sites. He thinks he's "Mr. He's at the age were everyone is "going out" with someone. At least for now.

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That cracks my kids up because they call it "going out" now. For Updates and Special Promotions. Again, all this would come better from Dad to son I was so naive that I couldn't imagine doing anything like that.