5 signs youre dating a bougie girl Gucci This, Louis That: 7 Signs That You’re “Bougie”

5 signs youre dating a bougie girl, this site is an illegal copy of madamenoire.com (this site is not madamenoire.com)

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Why does bougie food need to be so precious that artisans have to craft it before it hath be edible? Be mad at your own teams. You own more sweaters than the average person.

Bougie girls need their facials, massages and body wraps more than the rest of us need air or water. Their game nights are sooo dry. No bad hair day baseball caps and dry ponytails for her. A bougie girl vets her dates more than a presidential candidate.

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I love pretty things, sparkly things, nice things. You bought your first pair of Jordans at You relive every memory. But when it comes down to it, my roots are from a poor family in a small town and I have bills and student loans that make my head spin. You can buy them at the mall, so I mean… 7.

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VSB in your in box You know what you need in your life? Something is amiss out here.

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I love this post. You still prefer Facebook to all other forms of social media.

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The hotel has been featured in numerous movies and […]. Report came out an hour or so ago.

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Yet, at the end of the day I like to see past the glitter and glam. He is also a columnist for GQ.

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Chief Replies "Sorry Not Sorry". Regular, everyday foods that get bouge-ified. I will not be lured onto your rinky-dink fishing contraction under false pretenses. Reach him at damon verysmartbrothas. Second, is there a category for 5 sign youre dating a bougie girl bougie?

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But for the bougie girl, she has a weekly appointment for the works. Damon Young's Archives verysmartbros fb.

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Sending this on to all my bougie friends. Do you have any tips?

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I need three separate phones: Connecticut is so bougie — Yale, Wesleyan, Greenwich, Guilford. Having a job is so cute, I just wish I had the time.

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Ever for today There are blockbuster movies and art house films. VSB in the Tweets Tweets from https: How do people dedicate multiple days a week to such strenuous activity? Being the classy piece of work that I am I promptly spilled my entire glass of over priced champagne on the ex-model and her Hermes scarf before I could take a single sip.