6 lead motor hook up Connection Diagrams

6 lead motor hook up

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Re: 6 wires 3P motor with no diagram for connection 240 or 4

If the terminal letters u, v, w are not there I can ohm them out and find each winding: Your '6' is a nine, for sure. If so you can contact Bluffton Motor Works in Indiana and ask them for it. I was working on this Friday. AHJs and Contractors Jump in. It has three contactors.

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6 wires 3P motor with no diagram for connection 240 or 480?

Motors with six leads are nearly always single-voltage motors. Sometimes a picture helps get it straight in your head: The six leads are numbered 1,2,3,6,7,8 or it's 1,2,3,7,8,9.

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AdminGlobal ModMod. The little metal tags fell off all the leads but one. Our site is specifically designed for you and it's the leading place for electricians to meet online.

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Thanks Onitram, we have few European motors and they have 6 wires. You can connect them for a delta start or a wye start. Not having the diagram cam be a disaster if you guess wrong. The leads numbering smells of a Wye winding