61 year old woman dating younger man ''Toyboys keep me young!'' Stunning 61-year-old cougar reveals secret to defying old age

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So I am a secret.

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And yes you can look years younger. We had problems with language in the beginning but now that is not an issue. Mona responds, with breathtaking clarity: I somewhat discouraged him but he asked if we can be friends…I said yes.

So again,age is really so relative, genetics play a role, but I think lifestyle and mostly if people are happy and cheerful they do feel and look younger!

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Since life is about learning to live with oneself, this is a great opportunity to forget about my physical appearance, lift my head high and enjoy the relationship as long as it lasts. He is the best thing I've ever had in my life. My son is fine with it also.

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It was really intense. God bless you all and let's focus on being happy!!!

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Either this website just happens to attract every freak of nature who isn't shwoing their age, or every female narcissist around or, every self-deluded liar.

We've liked each other now for almost 6 months… no sex and I know he's not just after sex with me because he hasn't pressured or even hinted of sex. He doesn't look at the age he just sees me for the caring, loving and trustworthy person I am.

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Police in South Korea released the videos in a campaign to tackle voyeuristic pornography with films using a character similar to girl in The Ring. But, we are kinda in out own little world, reality doesn't cross over muchso things seem perfect, who knows what would happen if life gets in the way, and when it eventually will.

I refuse to be his "sugar mommy"!

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Even the girls I've been completely physical with have seem superfluous compared to this girl. Or even her at that young age?

All very interesting responses.

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This really IS justice for Liam! He had fallen in love with me and didn't care about age.

Why one 30-something exclusively dates sexagenarians.

You should look at all the signs first,if you really 61 year old woman dating younger man that she likes you, also watch how she is with her husband maybe she likes you but would never leave her family ,on the other hand a lot of marriages are just formal,people stay together for kids,finances etc. The two of us work exclusively in a team of He treats me like a Queen that he calls me.

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When I am with him it is wonderful, but yes I dont know how long it can really go on for and I find myself worrying as I have devloped strong feelings for him and am scared of the hurt. My preference for a multitude of reasons.