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And 5H fans weren't the only ones to respond -- Lauren herself linked off to the Big Sean song, 'I Don't F With You' in a tweet that his since been deletedwhile Camila Cabello was a little more straight-forward, writing:. In an interview with Billboard magazine, they acknowledged that Brauren was totally a thing, and that they dated for eight months before breaking up in December.

But we kind of assumed things were tense between them when 5H and The Vamps got into a serious Twitter argument after James McVey tried to deflect attention away from the topic of Brauren.

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The two occasionally post couple-selfies and pics of each other while they do various adorable things like watching movies and going to brunch. The pair dated briefly inbut by early they called it quits.

The Vine appears to have been deleted. The tour kicked off July 25, We're also just shocked that they dated for eight months! And from the back, it looks a lot like James, making fans assume they had set their differences aside and gotten back together.

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And like with most celeb couples, Brad was still fielding questions from the press about their rumored are lauren and brad dating even after going their separate ways. You may also like Tell us in the comments! Needless to say, Harmonizers were NOT pleased, taking to Twitter to voice their strong opinions and start several worldwide trends, including: Little Mix fans were also supportive of Lauren and 5H fans, making MixersAreHereForHarmonizers trend worldwide as well, proving that feminism and girl power can truly conquer all.

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In the past, when she was explicitly asked about what's going on between them, she refused to comment, saying, "That's my personal life. Since they were both so secretive about their relationship, we shouldn't have been too surprised that they broke up and keep it all under wraps! They started Twitter-flirting and confirmed their relationship a few weeks later. While down in Australia, an interviewer asked Brad about the status of his relationship with the 5H singer, and before he had a chance to answer, his bandmates jumped in.

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Keep up with Lauren Jauregui in the pages of J by subscribing now! We have to admit, they have crazy chemistry together on stage!

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Clevver is your go-to source for celebrity and entertainment news, viral trends, exclusive interviews and more. Lauren Jauregui and The Vamps ' Brad Simpson have been rumored to be dating since last November, but Fifth Harmony has finally confirmed their relationship — and their recent split.

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Share Tweet Pin it. A serious feud has erupted between two of our favorite groups, and it all started with a particularly rude comment that the Vamps made about Fifth Harmony's Lauren Jauregui.

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Still, we love the idea that their romance blossomed on tour. Jan 30, 6: When we talked to Brad at the end of November, he seemed totally happy in his relationship, even joking about his preferred ship name. While rumors have been swirling that the singers have been secretly datinga radio DJ allegedly spotted the couple making out backstage.

Of course, they were very private about their love lives, and she never fessed up to the rumors, always saying they were just " really good friends.

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What year were you born? Nov 17, 7: Do you think Lauren and Brad are secretly dating? During an interview, the British cutie confirmed that he and Lauren had dated from April to December of