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Ever heard of entry level, people? SoupNov 10, I was going to say something, but I think it's best I just not say anything more, I'm pissed off and boiling hot from something I read today another woman in another reddit said "only hot guys can get laid without strings; anything less and you need money to compensate" and I don't think you'll be any consolation about this.

AndrewApr 22, If you do pay, you will find most of the people you look at can't reply best dating site for aspergers because they are non-paying members. JohnnyDec 23, I know that isn't the whole world, just it's hard to relate but I want to try to.

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So I suspect that the number of members on the site are rather small resulting in "slim pickings". Hubris sickens me to death; dating sites sickened me to death; it goes without saying there's a lot of hubris going around, and mostly from NT-types. Maybe later on all these people questioned whether they were autistic too.

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I figured like any niche site I've seen, there would be almost nobody local. I generally advocate being brutally honest up front; it may filter a lot of potential people out which is shittybut also means that you don't get hopes up by going on a lot of dates with people that aren't going to tolerate a partner on the spectrum. If you would like to learn more about Aspergers Syndrome, please take a look at our wiki. I work with some fantastic humans who work out, have a professional job, volunteer for make a wish on the weekend, getting their doctorates.

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But never have I seen so many as this site, and right on the front pages. Online Dating sites geared towards those with Asperger Syndrome, Autism, etc.? Lacking in both design and members, you might try waiting awhile before looking for love here.

No, create an account now. Don't waste your money on a pay site Invest in a good photo of yourself and smile.

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There are a whole subset of wonderful women who want men that they can trust, it's just sometimes people like you and I have been hurt before and so we put our defenses up and make it hard for us to give trust.

Howdy aeon, before I met my ex wonderful human. It's a pretty good site that's trying to grow.

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Close Menu Home Recent Posts. If you're going to use an online dating website, it might be better to be willing to pay or not use them because it's more likely you will get quality people if you're not too picky and if both parties are paying to be on the website.

Ok this was an odd experience.

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I'm going to throw a curve ball here. I guess it goes to show I do tend to pick people like myself.

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If indeed the average person is just that amazing, what would that make me, then? Tonight I'm a bitter and angry person sinking even further into that boiling pit of acid I've made for myself, the result of endless years of envy and self-loathing and it's not gonna stop until I can say to myself "Social status, best dating site for aspergers education, good jobs, this or that I remember watching a U.

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Whether you saw the same thing I did or not, though, I'll say that I am convinced that a lot of folks are exaggerating just because they can, or out of some kind of narcissistic imperative which is very easy to get away with online, you can say anything you want, and no one can disprove it.