Blood bowl matchmaking MODERATORS

Blood bowl matchmaking

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Please keep in mind I am new. The bigger the league the more even the TV matches you will get.


Check it and see how you can have fun even with the broken matchmaking system. Be it Electronic or Table-tonic! People would happily tell me what I was doing wrong as I was doing it, which was a big help.

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Originally posted by licker You won't be able to vote or comment. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. It doesn't need to be made worse aside from the TV thing being fixed. And for the record, I do not complain about the game mechanics being unfair or the dice not going in my blood bowl matchmaking.

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Why does it keep giving me games with such a huge imbalance? Here are some available suggestions.

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I set my teams to 2min - 4min turntime. Blood Bowl 2 Store Page.

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Not to mention that, simply by virtue of drawing from a larger pool of players, you are more likely to be matched up against someone with a similar TV.

You now have a good chance at getting games. Play some NAF learn some more and get back to us but don't complain it is the matchmaking fault.

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I play the game for maybe matches every two days, so restarting teams all the time would suck. On another note, could you explain what TVPlus is?

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Matchmaking is based on Team Value. Also, I think keeping the games to four a week gives us all a lot to talk about and means games are easy to keep blood bowl matchmaking of and analyze individually. The reason it is a poor game experience is that it is one-sided - 45 mins of destruction. Choose your username Your username is how other community members will see translate speed dating. The game seems awesome, and I've popped in a nice chunk of time.

Join the NAF! go! Go! GO!

It's not that much fun when you just feel like you can't really do anything. Here are some available suggestions. Why wouldn't you have a go and challenge yourself?

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Played one the other day that was iirc me on vs Chaos