Can you hook up subwoofers without an amp Subwoofer without an amp ?? Possible?!?!?!

Can you hook up subwoofers without an amp

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So save up some money and buy an amp!! Thing is, i've got an amplifier already, but i'm just being lazy to install it with all the wires to run in around the car But you wont hardly hear the sub at all.

How do I hook up a car amp in a home?

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Results 1 to 15 of Quora Ads place your messaging exactly where people go to ask questions and read insightful answers. They are marketed the opposite but most of them are crap until you drop 7 bills or something on an amp.

The headunit just can't put out enough power to run the subs. Sure they will produce sound, but without a crossover and a lot of wattage they won't work like they were meant to. Usiong wire other then speaker wire to wire subs? I dont think it will hurt anything dont quote me on it.

subwoofer - no amp?

The negative is the ground for the vehicle's electrical system. Share This Page Tweet. Other units cannot receive the wiring without adapters implemented. Disconnect the stereo wiring from the unit, and reconnect it through a wiring harness adapter.

Since most head units lack low-pass filters on the amplified outputs, however, you'll need a passive crossover. Search this Thread Advanced Search.

Re: subwoofer - no amp?

Can I use a subwoofer without amplifiers in a car? Once you've double-checked these things, you're ready to start. Any user assumes the entire risk as to the accuracy and use of this information. Can I hook up a car battery to a boombox?

This page may be out of date. Route the power supply cable that was fed through the firewall and into the inside of the vehicle on the opposite side of the vehicle to avoid interfering with the signal in the signal cable.

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Open the amp wiring kit, which contains all the wiring you'll need to hook-up your amp. You will need to connect the lengthy, red wire to the positive terminal of the battery.