Ceiling fan wiring hook up How to Install Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fan wiring hook up, required tools for this project

The right size ceiling fan for your room depends on more than just the square footage or your area. Pull the electrical box through the opening in the ceiling.

Ceiling fans are often equipped with a separate light kit that hangs beneath the fan. Twist another orange wire connector on the red and blue wires. To connect the wires, hold the bare metal leads together and place a plastic ceiling fan wiring hook up connector over them, then twist clockwise until the connection is secure.

Wiring a Dimmer and Fan Speed Controller

Shut the power off at the circuit breaker box before beginning. Now that we've installed our ceiling fan junction box, we're going to start to install our ceiling fan. Lift the motor assembly and place the downrod ball into the slot in the ceiling bracket.

Uninstall existing ceiling fan or light fixture.

Step by Step Ceiling Fan Installation Guide

The black wire from the ceiling fan is the hot wire that runs the motor and turns the fan blades. The red wire is spliced to the output on the dimmer and to the blue, light wire at the other end.

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The ceiling fan motor does not have a ground wire. Two-wire cable runs from there to the ceiling fan. Attach the outlet box directly to the brace with the washers and nuts provided. Usually there is a small sliding switch on the side of the motor housing that will control the fan direction.

Ceiling fans can be set to rotate in either of two directions. Remember, you may sacrifice a few hours to install a ceiling fan, but the comfort and savings is worth the time. Then screw it into the box with the special screws provided with the fan brace. As you prepare to install the new ceiling fan, here are 10 basic tools to keep handy in your toolbox for any application.

Connect black wire from the ceiling gloucester dating black wire from the receiver marked "AC In" with a wire nut. Use a step ladder to ceiling fan wiring hook up the electrical box at the ceiling. You have purchased the perfect ceiling fan — the right size, style, and finish, and are looking forward to basking under the gentle breeze. If you have the additional toggle switch, connect the two black wires together with an orange wire connector, and then match the blue wire and the red wire together.

Screw the switch into the box and install the cover plate. The white wire is neutral and completes the fan circuit. Shut off the power at the main panel and remove the light fixture. The slant is down to the right and up to the left. Place wall control receiver into the mounting ceiling fan wiring hook up. Affix the canopy to the mounting bracket by installing two mounting screws through the holes on each side of the canopy with a screwdriver.

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The blue wire is the hot wire for the ceiling fan light fixture. If the box is stuck, place a scrap of wood in the electrical box and tap the wood with a hammer to loosen the box.

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Dusk Mask — Protects you against inhaling dust and other debris while assembling, installing, or cleaning a ceiling fan. Twist the black wire from the ceiling fan kit together with the black wire from the electrical box, and connect the exposed ends with a wire nut.

Insert the support brace into the opening in the ceiling and position the brace between the nearest two joists. Fan Height Requirements Manufacturers generally require that fan blades be at least 7 ft.

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Use these tools to install a ceiling fan by cutting and stripping the ceiling fan wires during the downrod assembly. About the Author Cecilia Harsch has been writing professionally since Verify the ceiling fan turns on and off, and operates on all speed settings.