Dating a catholic girl as an atheist When believers marry atheists

Dating a catholic girl as an atheist

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Do you not think that atheists do not have feelings too. It is NOT a threat, it is a warning. An atheist hates the very idea of there being a God. And when I told him that I might not be able to have sex with him again, I asked if he would stay with me.

I wish I understood what you mean about Jesus filling the void in my heart.

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I honestly feel like I am supposed to wait for him to find Christ. Im sorry for all of you. Just the presence of the difference was like a whetstone against which I sharpened my mind. You thought you found love and now are in a painful bind. They are already pulling you away from God and from you faith. And yet, god wants to condemn you for thought crime?

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I am a Christian was saved when I was 15 raised in a super conservative household, Baptist church and Baptist private school. Hey Caitriona, thanks for your input, I appreciate you taking time to comment: Hope says much the same.

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You have made a decision to be in love with this person. God is supposed to have his children love unconditionally and lead happy lives.

You praying for me comes across as condescending. You have no more right to judge people than a worm crawling through the mud. Atheism is the absence of God. Snarky, derogatory, slighting, and mean spirited sarcastic comments can be hurtful. My opinion is that you need to clarify in your own mind which is more important to you, your religious commitment to your faith, or your commitment to having a relationship with your lover, and satisfying your mutual desires.

And as a Catholci you are oblidged to try and raise those datings a catholic girl as an atheist catholic.

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Me and the Prophet. You may want to go to a Catholic counselor.

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I am still growing in my walk with God, and have regular stumbles, but, if a Christian man had ran from me when he found out I was pagan, I would still be pagan. You two should be able to figure it out in that amount of time.

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I can pray to my cat and get the same result. I been married to a atheist for 7 years now, we have children too.

They simply could not bear their carefully structured world view to be exposed as delusion or fraud.