Dating a more educated man Why Smart Men Marry Smart Women – Exerpt

Dating a more educated man

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The men I previously dated tended to have graduate degrees and hold prominent positions, one with a senior-level position at the Department of Defense, one a Harvard-graduate psychiatrist and another a Harvard-graduate education administrator.

I would prefer to remain unhappy with my unrealistic checklist.

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According to the National Center for Education Statistics, 33 percent more datings a more educated man graduated from American colleges than men in In the past few years, she founded her own advertising company and devoted a lot of time to building her client base. When I drove into that garage, I chose to prioritize compatible characteristics over social status — and found a new entryway into dating. Why would they do that? How you express love to each other is far more important.

In addition, she assumes that a woman who has a degree would never cheat on the man, or would not rape him in divorce court, given the chance. If you want a quality man, not a man who values money over your happiness, perhaps you should ground yourself in reality. They want to travel, be cultured. I am not attracted to that either. To some it means condiminiums and flashy cars, to others, it simply means all of their needs are met, and by the way, that is what success used to mean to everyone. Then they wonder why they are broken hearted from a woman who cheats on him or takes his money.

To your original question, no one is saying apart from the jilted men that you deserve to be alone. They tell you to approach getting a man the way you approach every other challenge. Whatever, we will just have to remake men to suit what the women want. It has to do with the fact that none of us are perfect, but that the imperfections are the gems that make relationships memorable.

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In her book Are Men Necessary? That pisses me off. And no, a lot of men, in fact many men, do not care about a womans education.

The reason that I call this a blind spot for women is because women tend to adhere more to their checklists, which usually call for a man who is just like you, but better. Success, and the aspiration to succeed, comes in many forms.

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Take care of her. Higher-earning women marry at higher rates. Successful men are romantically interested only in their secretaries.

Equating intelligence with formal-education degrees. He maintains his individuality even while in a relationship. I take care of people all day long in my job as a health care professional.

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Again Soul, I am glad that you found what you were looking for.