Dating a testicular cancer survivor Announcement

Dating a testicular cancer survivor

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If a woman you try to chat up seems disinterested you can always say " I get it, your not realy following on my adnvances because I have one testical" at which point she will either think you are a mad man and walk away or be interested and ask more - answer with some humor.

Aug 11, - If you can try to see if you can be tested to see if you still have sperm from other nut insurance should cover it.

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Think of your cancer experience as a filter that gets rid of guys you don't need to waste your time on. I appreciate answers coming from you male survivors.

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I hope you all end up with someone special Felder underwent a procedure that removed her uterus, cervix and part of her vagina, leaving her with her ovaries. Dave Log in or register to post comments. If you add to my quality of life great, but if not, I don't have time for it.

It's normal, too, if someone isn't sure how to have this particular conversation. Originally posted by JonnyFarago View Post. The chat room is real time talking to whoever is online at the same time you are, click on the "chat" link on the left side of the page to get into the chat room.

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My parents might tell me something, but they're my parents," says Bradley Zebrack, associate professor of social work at the University of Michigan, whose research focuses primarily on adolescents and young adults with cancer.

She says she received more responses with the latter approach, but with the former heard more often from the type of man she'd like to date -- someone who has the same enthusiasm for life, she says, whether that means embracing a vacation together or just giggling while cooking a shared dinner at home.

I'm here to get the male perspective on this, but you made a dating a testicular cancer survivor point--what about dating other survivors? She remembers one patient diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer in her 20s.

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There is no denying it. This comment has been removed by the Moderator.

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I wouldnt force the conversation, but at some point in courting You could mention you had cancer and then the rest of the topic should just fit right in. Is there a way to know who is curently on the site. Easy for me to say, because I am now married. Then again, neither is living alone with a cat at the age of Besides, people don't talk about heavy issues early in a relationship anyway.

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The first words out of my late husband's mouth, when we met were "I just had prostate surgery" - I said "so? If you're a little apologetic beforehand, the worst thing that they'll say is, 'Jesus, stop being so apologetic.

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I truly think you are better off without them.