Dating divas spouse christmas spouse Christmas gift idea

Dating divas spouse christmas

What are you waiting for? DIY Christmas Cards — Get the kids involved in sending cheer by creating their own Christmas cards to mail to family and friends. This is such a sweet idea.

My husband is deployed to Afghanistan, coming home in early January. Passport to Love — A year of romantic date nights traveling around the globe! Elfed — Leave your neighbor a sweet treat with a challenge to pass it on!

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Carol Charades — Play charades where the answers are Christmas Carols. Please email me AutumnBurian gmail. You get my point, right?

Hidden Pickle — Hide and seek with a pickle?! Thank you so so much!

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Put your hubby in hilarious situations but leave him with some love coupons as a reward! I'm embarrassed to say maybe I'm not reading it right but I thought it said you had a "quick" version available to download. What are you referring to? Holiday Bucket List — Work or play your way through this list of Holiday must-do activities!

Just dating divas spouse christmas this and I still have time…love your site and concept. I love having Christmas Traditions to look forward to year after year.

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Want, Need, Wear, Read Tags — Use these adorable printables to cut down on the quantity of Christmas gifts while improving the quality and making it more meaningful! Baking them in the shape of a tree is even more festive! If you check out the bottom of the post, you should be able to click and download both of the flow charts as one file so they are totally legible and you can click on the gift ideas! Take turns toasting to each other, your marriage or the spirit of the season.

Shanelle I am a reading, singing, shopping queen! I love these and I love the font. I made sure that they were ALL mixed up.

Have fun making yours! I grabbed a spool of beautiful cherry red ribbon, 25 clothespins, and some removable clips that you can put on your walls without ruining them. Book Advent Calendar — Read a new Christmas story each night.

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