Dating site picture troll This Guy is Trolling Girls on Tinder and it's Fantastic

Dating site picture troll

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D jazz-ballet 19 Jun '11, Get the fuck over yourself, everyone. Your are viewing a read-only archive of the old DiS boards. GrandMoffTarkin 19 Jun '11, I laugh, therefore it is funny.

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Genuinely had to stop about two thirds down to regain my composure. I guarantee this is the only place on the entire internet where this discussion has arisen.

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This should come with a warning. But all of them are so wonderfully executed in completely different ways.

It would have been funnier if he had just drawn pictures of women or men on the site irrespective of their level of beauty yeah that would've made for a cracking joke. Cheap is what it is though, and racism of the "can't see blacks in a coal mine" quality is very, very low regardless of what your skin colour is.

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Also apart from the one racist pic, the drawings were pretty cruel, but everyone knows laughing at a persons physical appearance is lowest common denominator humor anyway.

Sorry if I hurted your feelings by being a snideywidey: Cowardly is the dating site picture troll that springs to mind, in fact. That is just genius!

I often find things on PH only slightly funny - I was crying with laughter this time.

Obviously the racists ones are out of line but having a laugh a bad cartoon renderings? If something makes me laugh it makes me laugh I don't sit there, look at it completely blankly, then decide whether I am allowed to find it funny, or even ask myself the questions "is this funny?

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That's totally not where the comedy is though I don't walk past "ugly" people in the street and laugh at them, either externally or internally. Have a lovely, wonderful day.


One of the girls looks uncannily like someone I know and so does the dating site picture troll of her! Therefore any moral, dating site engines, social, antisocial, biological, and palientological factors don't come into it because I have already laughed.

It is certainly not something I would choose to do myself, and I agree, if it was actually carried out how it seems it was, it was probably quite cruel too in some of the cases. Have you not looked at the names that have frowned upon it way to state the obvious.

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What's the joke with the batman one? The pulsing core of it is fuelled by negative reaction and unicorn tears.

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But the person has done it already, we cannot change that, and laughing at it affects nothing. CrispinAlexander Yesiamaduck 20 Jun '11, Just so you know I had that 79 year old 2 weeks ago, and she was good!

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Had it been posted on a Tuesday just before lunchtime it would have said all the same stuff but it would have taken posts to say it all.