Dating sk tools Alloy Artifacts

Dating sk tools

The double-hex sockets are stored in the bay at the upper right.

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Sorry, tray is missing. Here is a rare, early S-K hip top tool box. The standard S-K sockets have a very distinctive design that would have been immediately recognized.

SK Tool Boxes

The xx series sockets have the distinctive knurled base and tapered upper walls illustrated in previous figures, and all have plain walls in the drive end. Description ever dating sk tools could predict ahead time whether or not dating relationship work out? Switch to Threaded Mode. These stores offered a selection of tools, and in the s the socket sets were easily recognized as S-K production.

The sockets in the set all have the distinctive knurled base and tapered upper walls of the S-K xx model series.


I have two in the same condition. So, I have these "diamond" logo ratchets. Contract Production In its early years Sherman-Klove was almost exclusively a contract manufacturer, and in later years continued to offer contract production for various customers.

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Even after 70 years the ratchet mechanism operates smoothly and shifts easily, a testament to the high quality production that went into these early S-K tools. The highly polished chrome finish of the upper part contrasts nicely with the matte finish of the knurled base section, giving the sockets their distinctive appearance.

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I believe the Snap-On is mid 's or ea Likely had plastic insert. On the hunt for The sockets closely match the illustration in the Brazil Tools brochure. In particular, the sockets are turned to give the upper walls a slight taper, and the sockets have a flat base with no indentations around the drive opening.

He is the co-author and co-editor of several books, most recently Out of Africa 1: Wrenches were marked "S-K Lectrolite" from until around Chrome plated finishes were standard for most S-K tools from the s onward, but due to material shortages, tools manufactured during the wartime years may have cadmium finishes.

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The S-K line of knurled-base sockets was introduced in the early to mids and was part of a very successful line of tools, allowing S-K to control a significant share of the socket market by the early s. In Sherman-Klove registered the text "S-K" as a trademark, listing the first use date as December, as in the previous filing.

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