Dating someone less attractive than ex 7 reasons people date someone a lot less attractive than them

Dating someone less attractive than ex, find the good stuff

I guess it seems like a huge part of a woman's value is though!

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You are better than this. Gay lions are spotted putting hot guys online dating very I do believe that there are different categories of attractive.

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How often do women check you out? Is anybody going to get mad at me if I tell the real reason this happens? If she's above that threshold she's good in my book.

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I'm not drop dead gorgeous by any measure of the word and the reason I get work is because I hustle. I find beauty everywhere.

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I never wanted kids, so that part of it never entered into it, other than not getting serious with women that had or wanted kids.

Within a couple months I didn't even notice. Lynn September 11,3: Sometimes a guy rebounds on the first easiest thing that comes along. If you are a 7 or a 9 doesn't matter at all to me.

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Yeah I think I'm being thrown off because his ex was for sure a 10 - the kind of girl that you would probably stop on the street to stare at. I can see it on her page but not on his. Diablo September 11,2: That said, why are so many people on this thread so self-congratulatory about being non-judgmental?

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I'm scared they won't love me enough or I won't love them enough and they will annoy me or bore me to death. Then why is he still clearly interested in her? Hahah kidding - your point is very valid.

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