Dating someone who makes less money than you Turns Out, Women Don't Mind Dating A Guy Who Makes Less Than Them

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Posted a similar question in AskMen http: But remember, your woman has them too. I'd probably be down to pay for someone's life. Sometimes, I will pay for others because it's just fun and nice.

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His thoughts about money, not what he makes, is a better litmus test: Then we have our own car payments, car insurance, credit card payments, whatever else.

My fiance has made less money than me throughout our entire 8 year relationship, except for a few months when I was unemployed. I get to travel with them because they can afford it, I get to go out to bars and restaurants without worrying about the cost, I tip very well and I can afford to go out, go shopping, buy gifts, etc.

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So the dating someone who makes less money than you becomes: I have dated several men that made significantly less than me. I don't care about the money, if we love each other - that's what matters.

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My last boyfriend was unemployed when I met him so was bringing in next to nothing. Standards and care do not equate to dollars and cents. I make significantly more than my boyfriend now. Both duds as partners. If I were a millionaire If he is the man then he should be up for it and his responsibilities Hi Judith, Thanks for your reply.

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I'd say it really doesn't bother me, so long as he is able to support himself; I'm unfortunately not in a position where I can afford to provide for two people, so hopefully he'd be contributing something. Simply because I want a certain lifestyle and someone who is going to be always at my side should be able to or interested in maintaining a similar level. I supported my ex-husband and our kids for awhile. I'm sure you've tried agencies for that kind of thing?

I make quite a bit more than my boyfriend Be happy with your partner no matter the money each other makes.

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My husband was a line cook. Personally, I wouldn't care as I am a homebody anyways, what does it matter how much money you make as long as you are sane, stable and I like you? Having a sugar mama sounds sweet, doesn't it? But he is dedicated to what he does and that is good enough for me. My dad always paid for everything, never letting my mom pay for anything. You can use these tags: Already trying to figure whats a good dating profile name how much a man will pay you when you met him and learn what his earning areā€¦.

My friends male and female are getting laid off, struggling to keep their businesses afloat, having to take pay cuts and unpaid furlough days.