Dating someone with a felony Dating An Ex-Con: 3 Questions To Ask First

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Prison rarely rehabilitates anyone. Not only was he a known criminal in his old neighborhood, but he even served time in prison. Ultimately the choice is yours — go in with eyes wide open.

Renee March 7,1: It's an instant ban. What is his attitude towards his record- does he take responsibility and vow to change? It was really nice, and not at all scary! Thank you for your feedback! Ok, I could have edited that a bit better. Do you really want that hanging over your life? I see you shining and in a hot, happy, healthy relationship. Annnndddd you're still butt hurt about it obviously, but otherwise grats.

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Yes, but have you been following the adventures of my green yoga bag at facebook. Hell odds are stacked against everyone, not to mention the amount of money someone makes should be fairly low on list of things you look for in a. It depends on the person.


I very strongly believe that his past is in his past, and he has proved himself to be trustworthy and honest. I love everything about him, but I know already my friends and family will not accept him with this background and they would tell me I need to get out of this toxic relationship. You know I love you Jodar And dumb enough to get caught multiple times. If it was really bad, he would still be in jail. Was it white collar crime like insider trading?

Is he on probation with a curfew? Cheating on income tax?

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Maybe she lives in a very bad neighborhood? And lets shun the knowledge of the chimpanzee that ate a womans face I do seriosuly believe that our totally free online dating 100 free messaging justice system is too harsh overall, especially for non-violent and drug-related crimes. I'm asking for perspective based on specific details and you're jumping to "he must be really desperate" when I make it clear that's not what's happening: I was working overnight at one point and met this guy that worked there.

Like, what did he do, dating someone with a felony, and why? Sometimes when reading these letters, I really think there are only about available men on the entire planet and all these poor LWs know it.

What happened?

He didn't pick me up, he asked a question about my dog and we started talking and I was the one that asked for his number he didn't even ask for mine back. Yes, Vet techs are not bound by the same laws as, say, medical assistants. This does not mean that you may not need to have certain cautions but then you are also not likely to be dating someone with a felony about a more recent crime.

So I think if all his felonies are drug-related he must be aiming too high, very violent in the process, or incredibly stupid. There's absolutely nothing wrong with rejecting a person who is known to be violent. They're untrustworthy and dumb. Obiously she does NOT know whether or not they are heinous enough which is why she wrote this letter! He may be lovely, but there are plenty of lovely men out there, plenty who are not felons.

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At the same time, for me it would depend on what the crimes he committed were, why he committed them, and what was stopping him from doing the same thing in the future. But then NJ does not have a different between felonies of misdemenors.