Dating traynor amps Dating traynor amps

Dating traynor amps

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Ys-1 Jeff; Yes I have, but the codes on the caps don't look anything like the numbers shown on the site, they don't even look like EIA codes. How would I go about determing its age? RipperAug 18, But as see, there definately two different schematics amp was fairly early web PPS-On re-reading dating info Fender amplifiers Become part legacy that s lasted more than 60 years yba-1 dating.


I'll also take a closer look at the caps. Jul 1, Location: Yes, my password is: Its got Hammond power and output transformers and a Hammond choke. Jan 20, Location: Feb 10, Location: No, create an account now.

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If it has the choke in the power supply, it was probably from the ''68 dating traynor amps. Yes, I did buy it flowers.

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Someone either took really good care of it or didn't play it a whole lot. I've located a couple of YSR-1 schemtics, but I don't see the choke.

ScottoneAug 20, Jan 23, Location: May 2, Location: Jeff FlowerdayAug 17, Everything on the eyelet board looks original. You are using an out of date browser. The cans are in nice shape, but so is everything else.