Dating website dataset [ODP] The OKCupid dataset: A very large public dataset of dating site users

Dating website dataset

If you look someone up on OKCupid, you generally can't directly dating website dataset information on what they're into unless you create your own profile and answer the exact same question.

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However, the project files can now be found at https: Having a hard time picking a name? Using this data to mess around and "learn" clearly fails points 1 and especially 2. I recommend that you be in touch with OKCupid directly about any plans for sharing and resolving any legal restrictions.

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On one hand, people clearly have problems dealing with privacy settings when they post places You should mention possible legal problems arising from releasing users photo. As an example of the analyses one can do with the dataset, a cognitive ability test is constructed from 14 suitable items. Nobody seems to mind scraping Amazon, so I doubt it's the Terms of Service that anyone is really worried about.

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It is also disrespectful to the people who were harmed in the collection of the data. I completely agree with you, it is a great learning opportunity.

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I take it back. Already have an account? We found very scant evidence of any influence the distribution of p-values from chi square tests was flat.

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You'd only get it if identifiers were removed. On phone right now, but I managed to see in PDF that there is a location but it's just down to the dating website dataset level?

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Limitations of the dataset are discussed. So if you want to look someone up from the data, you'd actually have to go to OkCupid. Apparently this dataset was collected without permission from either OKCupid or its users and not anonymized at all.

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I have updated these captions to be a bit more clear, e. There are lots of states in the US where homosexuality isn't per se legal.

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I recognize that this data was published somewhat unethically, but I'm not gonna lie: