David x dating blog David X (3 Tips on How to Use His Method for Dating)

David x dating blog

One of his lines was "While you guys are out doing your magic tricks on women, I'm out there getting seconds. He said the chicked called him for a YEAR after that trying to get another date. Please save your money for clothing or something. S Pick Up Routines that the other gurus teach. Speak Your Mind Tell us what you're thinking Dont waste you money friends.

Meet David X And Learn What It Takes To Be Good With Women.

If you know what you want, David X can help you succeed by identifying your sticking points and accompanying you on your journey. So far I have learned a completely different way of looking at my life.

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That's the concern I have for other people watching his material too. Cool stuff, I'm glad people like David X. Using confidential Skype coaching sessions, I give you the tools you need to succeed in your dating life.


And Im not mentioning his arogance, he is just clicking on his computer for like 15 minutes telling you hold on, but after 60 minutes good bye. I said its not blackmail its refund and In my country blackmail is only when you say you are gonna harm physically somebody.

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Dishonest, not trustworthy and disrespectful. In facthe won't let you punish yourself. So this is what you get from a fraud saying "Im reall deal.

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But what he lacks in looks, David more than davids x dating blog up with in attitude! May 28, at 7: Join Date Jul Gender: Location Accra Age 28 Posts 1, A lot of what he had to say really made a lot of sense to me, and when I did get to see him interact with women, I was impressed.

That's unless you have more money to spare!

How Can I Help You Get To The Next Level With Women ?

By entering, you agree to our terms and conditions. Heres that Testimonial I promised you. David has called me after I told everywhere truth about him and started to treathen me that he is gonna call the police that Im stalker of womenXD.

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This guy really has some david x dating blog balls on him. Once the fears were gone, I had the success I wanted.

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I agree petarosus18, but I was going off on a bit of a tangent about other things to be aware of. One half of me digs his take no sh! His view on women is that 'All women excecpt you mother are sluts' and that 'The only reason you need a women is for sex Log in or Sign up.

If you read this David- [mod: He personally like gave 3 sessions to some guy to pickup one girl in a workplace, while there are so many in cold approach.

February 11, at 6: I remember Style referring to him in The Game. So funny you guys.