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I guess this time he lost her. Did you watch the "I won't be ignored" video clip? When someone dumps you, you don't reward them by wishing them a happy birthday.

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Does this make her second guess her feelings. I just don't know if my wife is the answer, but I absolutely hate throwing in the towel without a fight to see.

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Thinking that just maybe I might get a call or contact cause she's thinking she will lose me. I asked if the ex had a reaction and she said a little bit but she said "good, I'm glad for him.

Men instinctually recognize the signs of an unhealthy pairing and, therefore, tend to avoid one like the plague. I wrote the comment above. Have a question for Nikki?

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We all dating it. I'm just dating through to see if there was anything I did to spook her and may not have picked up was doing it. Well her mother was working late one Saturday night and I was hearing all kinds of commotion outside. I hope that these are the kind of guys my wife ends up meeting because it's no wonder some of my single girl friends can't find husbands And it can happen for all the same reasons listed above. I like it when a guy is picky, and I can tell he has standards. And it seems dating people rarely offer the right amount of sympathy towards someone who is going through a recent split.

I had one guy I was dating non-exclusive who would tell me how much he admired my talents, and how courageous I was to work for myself. I have a senario I would like Ms Mirror to enlighten me on. Instead of dating to get to know someone, you are using them as a prop to attract someone else.

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There was so much tension in him it was incredible. As a result, I believe the man here would be less likely to return to reignite the relationship.

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