Fik shun and amy dating So You Think You Can Dance: Amy Yakima & Fik-Shun Stegall Talk Winning Season 10

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Honestly, she said it pretty good. Amy's definitely had more training than me, by far. With such success on the shun and amy dating will they go back to school or put it gary dating jessica for now? Yes, there are little things that were different and we learned how to work with each other and communicate, but at the start our chemistry just clicked right away because of how hard we worked.

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I would like to go into movies or any type of commercial work would be amazing. At the same time, we invited them in, which is really cool that you can connect with two people through a TV screen. I got to dance with Twitch, which is like a dream come true. Add new shows to your Watchlist and never miss an episode!

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Hear what the lucky two have to say about their plans for the future. It really gave me a chance to see how we work together I think everything comes into play.

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Besides the bellhop one, I'd say definitely the contemporary one with Sonya [Tayeh]. I want to do it all at the same time.

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Amy has similar thoughts. He hears things that I'm like where was that music. That one and the bellhop dance are definitely the most iconic dances for you as partners.

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But that first piece — I don't know, something happened, he clicked on. I don't want to close any doors; I want to open as many possibilities. Familiar faces in new places How do you tap into your inner bellhop?

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Watch the "magical" and emotional number below: We both wanted to make this memorable for both of us. But once you kind of get into character, you make it work for you.

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That feels pretty good. Scoop on 40 of your favorite returning shows You won't be in those cities long enough to perform and see everything.

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What did those bellhop outfits feel like to wear?