Hank brown hook up rig HANK BROWN LURES SUCK!!

Hank brown hook up rig

I know these rigs are going to be difficult to store, untangle, and rig in the bait, but I don't like missing a hook up.

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Fishing Hooks Jig Heads. The Hank Brown jig is a particular brand.

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Are you using them on heavier tackle and putting quite a bit of pressure? I've thrown away over 20 in the past month due to bent hook and broken hook points.

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Maybe I am just special. I could see with heavier tackle that it could cause a problem. Might call and ask if there is a problem and see about some replacements at no charge.

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Your skipping is probably not from a lack of weight. I use the jigs for my dead cigars. This way I'll have the nose hood and one set of trebles in the hank brown hook up rig pogie and two sets of trebles in the second pogie in line.

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Ande Lines, Precision Tackle, Capt. Hookup Lures Tex usually has 'em - not sure about up your way.


Well the guy running looks like a wichita dating ideas I saw on a photo of a brass thing that was dug up. I fish pirate plugs for kings and mahi when I'm fishing a different way that works really well.

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Sneads Ferry NC Posted: S a deadly combo, a little secret we use down here. I use the red lazer hooks on all my king rigs, because I've never broke one and they don't rust.

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I tie my own rigs to them. I put my stinger hook high on a live fish to keep from hindering its ability to swim some just leave it hanging.

Tue Jun 30, 6: No problem with them or the trebles. Maybe I just need to stay with what I'm doing and using.?? Surf City NC Posted: If you are running a bait within 50 feet of the stern, put it on a flat-line clip. All three fish were caught on dead cigars and I had to throw away all 3 jigs they were on.