Hook up amp to rocksmith How to connect your guitar amp to your games console to play Rocksmith

Hook up amp to rocksmith

Connecting my Rocksmith to my guitar amp

Posted 30 May - Turn it up and rock out. Atrimn and Kasnitch like this.

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PC to Amp to? Except it's all in the box. Thanked by 1 Member: Since Remastered, I don't use the RS cable anymore, and use the "acoustic mode" as main input.

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I generally try to play on clean too, but sometimes i like to lie to myself. The other thing I do sometimes is just use the amp and don't bother with realtone cable - set the song to riff repeat and who cares if you score a 0, the notes come if you set it so dynamic difficulty doesn't auto-change.

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So while you point your finger, someone else is judging you. Audiointerface in mac to mainstage3, mainstage3 outputs back to mixer, mixer outputs to surround system where I can choose how much which instrument goes in which speaker. If you want to use headphones, instead plug them into the headphone output jack on your amplifier.

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This should be rather easy: I think it makes a huge difference Rocksmith with a real amplifier I got this idea and I wonder if anyone has tried it before: And here is a couple of ABY switches: I also have a hook up amp to rocksmith splitter that will allow me to cable to the computer and separately to the guitar amp.

Through the amp-out only the modelled guitar signal comes out and through the lineout the game-sound without guitar.

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This works great on the Zoom g9. Hopefully getting the raw sound thru the amp as well will help "finesse" my skills a bit!

Connecting your guitar amp to your games console

Posted 15 April - I set the VOX up to do that and now when I play I hear my guitar with the RS effects and the backing music and lyrics all through my amp. I mostly do clean channel on this setup because I'm doing this to ensure my play is clean, and not so much for the actual sound If I had money I'd figure out a way to add 2 or more expression pedals, one to control output volume and one to control gain.

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Even though you can buy adaptors to do this, it is actually a BAD idea! So I can mix the sound at the Monitors.

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Also, I think some amps have external loop connections. Guitar volume in Rocksmith turned down.

Rocksmith with a real amplifier

Jennifer lawrence dating prince harry resulted in significant lag between the screen, sound and my guitar. You will need an amplifier with a line-level AUX in jack. Y-splitter cable plugged into Fender Mustang amp, guitar plugged into one side of y-splitter, rocksmith cable plugged into other side of y-splitter.

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Super loud and awesome! Search Advanced Search section: I was thinking of trying this. Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers.