Hook up powered speakers to receiver Connecting powered bookshelf speakers to Stereo receiver

Hook up powered speakers to receiver

Simply said, When I increase the volume on the receiver, the internal volume of the Kefs active speakers stay the same. Originally Posted by sivadselim. It's not only a matter of good or bad but also like choosing between vanilla and chocolate.

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Subscribe to Tom's Hardware. I connect my active speakers with a rca cable to the pre outs of that receiver.

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This reset will be taking place between Tuesday June 21st - Thursday June 23rd. Would appreciate any advice. Even if your budget is modest go to the best shop around.

Then you can adjust the volume to decibel with the kef remote and set the subwoofer to for instance, which only takes a minute. So, for instance, when I set the volume to max level on the receiver, the output is still quite low.

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What I think he is saying is that the OP in effect has two ways to change volume, either via the receiver or the speakers themselves. Facebook Google Twitter Remember.

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It doesn't look like your AVR has the required pre-outs to do what you wish. It just doesn't increase the internal volume of the JBL So in order to get that right I do the following steps: It's hook up powered speakers to receiver of equivalent to hooking powered PC speakers up to a TV or something. They make adapters, too, teddybearrr, if you want to try and use your existing cables.

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For more information please go to the site issues section. More about connecting powered bookshelf speakers stereo receiver.

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Originally Posted by Doe Doe. Take some of your music to a local store and listen to different speakers. BB code is On.

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The receiver outputs are for speaker wire - meant for passive speakers, I take it. For the best viewing experience please update your browser to Google Chrome.

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Sorry if I was not clear enough, but exactly like Doe Doe said. Might as well set a baseline with the speakers first, then the remote can handle the variable volume stuff.

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They may have something in your range new or used. Doe Doe is offline. You can connect the powered speakers to the headphone jack or to the Record Outs on the back the record outs bypass the volume and tone controls. After these steps I only use the remote of the receiver to adjust the volume. Please ensure that the online dating catholic match address associated with your account is the correct email address and that you have access to this account.

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Due to a security issue we will be resetting all users' passwords. If you use the receiver's remote to adjust the volume, then its front pre-outs ARE variable, not fixed, right? In another post you said that the following: Dear forum members, Due to a security issue we will be resetting all users' passwords.