How do i hook up a car radio in my house How to Convert a Car Stereo to a Home Stereo

How do i hook up a car radio in my house

People also say that it reduces audio quality. The camera thing is a great idea since I'd be all the way in the back of the house.

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I had to unplug the 12 volt supply to turn the light off, Also That is a lot to spend new for your purpose. On the biggest connector on the PSU, did you jump the dark green wire to a ground? If done correctly you can now test dating parks in delhi the unit.

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To begin with, get the red, yellow and black on the stereo Red is ignition, yellow is constant and black is ground. I never bothered to check amperages and I never bothered with a fuse on mine, especially because there's a 10amp fuse in the back of car stereos, but the power supply has been on and the radio in standby when it's not being used since I made this Instructable. A typical car stereo can power four speakers two front and two rear.

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Plug in power to PSU and the harness to stereo. Car stereos are compact, powerful and offer many features.

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The stereo will most likely have a similar sticker, letting you know the maximum expected amperage draw. RussellJ2 author Reply You turn it on and off with the switch on the PSU.

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Ziaius author Reply Share Share on Facebook. I cut a bit smaller than needed because making the hole bigger is easier than cutting a whole nex box.

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Cover the bare connected leads of the wires with either electrical tape or heat-shrink tubing, using a hair dryer or similar heat gun to shrink the tubing. I think posting some images might help u great people to help me So now, What should I do??

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