How do you hook up a remote car starter Car Remote Starter Installation!

How do you hook up a remote car starter

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My car never once worked properly with the feedback signal. The installation I performed did not include wiring of the door lock or door switches circuits since these were already wired to the existing viper alarm. The brown wire absolute dating radioactive isotopes tapped into the switched 12volt. I love the ability to warm up the engine and have the air conditioning running by the time I sit in the driver's seat.

Sort of dangerous in our island home. You must have the wiring diagrams for your vehicle and it helps if there is already an existing viper or DEI alarm installed.

Introduction: Car Remote Starter Installation!

Easy for car thieves stalking her. Since I had already identified the necessary heavy Gauge wires, I solder connected the wires shown in the wiring diagram. Manually inserting the key and trying the start while the car is remote started. The key must be inserted to find the other 4 wires. I have attached the complete installation guide for the Avital L.

Also she likes the new 2 way pager remote. Retard inbred Hyundai engineers uses 12volt only when the key is at the ON position. Once I put electrical tape and plugged back in the connector and reconnected the car battery.

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I bought the avital l system for her vehicle which is also a DEI product. The constant 12volt will always have voltage on it. The wiring highlighted in yellow are what I used for my installation.

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Next the ignition1 and ignition 2 wires. I removed the pins I have no use for with the avital module.

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All worked well and I decided the following features I wanted installed or omitted: I will need to put a delay ON timer relay to temporarily 0volt the neutral safety wire to allow remote starting then a relay powered from the park gear position will keep it at 0V. This will make it easy to tweak at future dates without having to take down the dash. Not bad for an anniversary present eh.

Also important are the brake shutdown and neutral safety features. With 4 Phillips head screws, a 10mm bolt and the trunk release cable off the lower cover removed to reveal the old viper module and the ignition wiring. I bypassed this kill by connecting the violet wire to the black 0volt. The viper hv installed in this vehicle has a kill relay to prevent ignition if the module is unceremoniously yanked out.

Step 1: Dry Testing the System.

I had to cut the starter wire now. Older cars like ours never give a proper tach or voltage signal. My watt soldering iron came in handy for this step.