How hots matchmaking works The Current State of Matchmaking

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I assume the matchmaking will get better with time but at the moment its a mess.

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I suppose that's what should happen, you'll start facing easier and easier opponents the more you lose. Regarding terrible or new players: Competitive competition is probably never fair, and that is especially so.

The game kept giving them harder ella montgomery dating harder opponents until it found out what they could take. Making server selection automatic in this way allows us to easily add new game servers in the future, which will continue to improve responsiveness for players around the globe.

It was mines, the fastest map in the game.

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It also puts premades against pugs, which is also a disaster. The rank you are at, doesn't matter all.

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Right, you're talking about Legend, not about normal ranked play. Log in to join the conversation.

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If you're so confident in your claim, you should make a thread on it and seek the community's opinion. Only for those unaware of how ranked ladders work?

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Abathur, Diablo, Lili, and Lost Vikings are my mains. A victory is usually a matter of the other team being even worse, rather than you and your friends or team actually being good. However I do know how hots matchmaking works it's like to be a seasoned veteran in a game and play against new players.

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I really don't want to experience that here as well. You get carried by stronger players. Imagine if I went back to HL now without this system.

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This is an archived post. If you don't play the game for months and come back, you're not your old rank.

How does matchmaking work?

So, I guess if you're going to try to abuse this, you've been waiting almost a year to do so betting on a change that wasn't announced until. Several people in this thread have chimed in to that regard and it's well known you can be rank 1 and matched against rank 30's on your team or against your team. So sometimes you'll be matched against players at different ranks, if there aren't enough players at your rank queuing up simultaneously.

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