Intj male dating an infj female The Surprising Thing About Dating an INTJ, as an INFJ

Intj male dating an infj female, 3 thoughts on “the surprising thing about dating an intj, as an infj”

I have always mtf dating tumblr we were lucky to find each other and even more so now that I know how rare our types are.

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Respect is mutually understood as something needed; in other words, it's always there. But hey, nothing to a man more then a woman's respect for him. AS July 5, My partner is strongly INFJ.

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When we talk, everything he said just made sense to me. Thank you for the compliments!

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He once said he tried discussing our topics to his friend but none of them can relate. Follow me on Twitter elinich.

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It's almost child-like, their affection. In my dating experience with INTJs no relationships, just datingthey like to observe and "feel out" people before jumping into anything. Elle August 11, I was just oblivious to the world.

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We have similar views on the big things and occasionally disagree. I am an infj and my husband is intj. I guess there are pros and cons to this in my situation.

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All these questions are met with a big fat. He's actually a very successful man who is very busy most of the time.

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And it actually takes a lot of brain to do this. Do you really want to be with a man who has rejected you once?

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Not all INFPs are magical fairies willing to butter up the truth for you. Leslie October 14, We seem to struggle a lot with something in particular and that is the emotional element as you said.

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