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The later the period, the scarcer and more circumstantial the evidence becomes. I have a iwc Doppelchronograph that I am going to put up for trade but the card is unstamped and undated. Help in dating an iwc Have you looked at this site: Standalone as an application running on your desktop computer Online as a web application serial number dating in a window of your browser using a web plug-in and an internet connection Applet as a true internet application where all you need is a browser and an internet connection Prior to using DateYourIWC I strongly recommend that you read the helpfile that integrated into the Standalone or Online version of the program.

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Help in dating an iwc Thanks for the link: Results 1 to 7 of 7. You have to download the application and install it on your computer. This comes however at a price, for just the basic "dating" functionality is available in this version. Standard page Mobile page.

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My Collection Login Join for Free. Keep track of your watches, notes, service records, upload photos, and use our value guide! Minor bug fixes v1. Update for Macintosh OSX Originally Posted by golf.

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Waltham, Mass Union W. It's a nice watch just wish I could get on with chronographs this is my third attempt at one Hanhart replika and a Tudor bigblock Anyhow thanks for info and replies.

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Help in dating an iwc. Do not use the case number. Older Standalone-Versions version 1. Never use the serial number from the case or any other part. As a result, information displayed on this site may have inaccuracies.

If the manufacturer is not listed on the site, you may have a "private label" watch or it may not be American-made. Help in dating an iwc I have a iwc Doppelchronograph that I am serial number dating to put up for trade but the card is unstamped and undated. Toggle Navigation International Watch Co.

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Goddard Luther Goddard M. Always select the correct manufacturer, which is usually stamped on the watch movement. The Pocket Watch Database is a continuing work in progress. The most reliable way to date an IWC is to contact the company and request an extract from the archives. Independent Ingersoll International J. Others may require a dull wide blade to pry or pop the cover.

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This is to be expected, and we have included an option to report inaccurate information on the result pages so the database can be continually improved.

Here are a few tips to find information about your pocket watch:

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