Ji hyun woo yoo in na still dating Who is Yoo In na’s boyfriend? Lovelife about Yoo In na

Ji hyun woo yoo in na still dating

Introduction Yoo In na Hanglu: I obviously needed some time to think. After the shooting the drama, Ji suddenly announced his feeling for her to the public, which made their fans get surprised so much.

Yoo In Na continued on her radio show, 'So when the event ended, I asked him why he did that. Boyfriend Yoo is not dating with anyone now. Ji Hyun Woo, who stars in the cable drama "Awl," has been granting interviews but that doesn't mean he will answer every question that he's asked.

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Yoo was dating with Ji Hyun woo, an actor in South Korea. They soon started their serious relationship. I was lost worrying about this and that.


I felt his sincerity and innocence from his brave confession. She also told me think about just me and Ji Hyun Woo without bringing everything else in. They never reconciled and went a different way in each life.

Whatever I say, I wanted to be completely ready before I said it. But their wish did not come true. Not any dating apps the question is too personal. Yoo In Na continued very relaxed, 'I found out how he felt while we were filming the drama. At first I just thought when you're filming a drama together as lovers; people could confuse the feelings of their characters with real life feelings.

Some say the actors did not think it was appropriate to announce the break-up during his discharge ceremony.

Ji Hyun Woo understood and we were able to successfully finish filming the drama. I was hesitant at first but it was so innocent and I was very grateful.

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She continued, 'There is something I really want to say' and laughed shyly before she said, 'Should I begin? They met on the set of "Queen Inhyun's Man," when she played an actress playing Queen Inhyun and he was a time-traveling scholar loyal to the real Queen Inhyun.

Yoo In Na sounded happy and energetic as always when she stated, 'I'm sure a lot of people are very curious so I won't beat around the bush and just say his name when I'm speaking about him. She is trying to further develop her talent as an actress.

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But it was inevitable that fans would guess. I was thinking about saying something. They fell in love and that love was strong enough to keep him in the present. But the actors who very publicly ji wooed yoo in na still dating the news of their new relationship two years ago waited a while before telling their agencies and the public the truth.

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I also questioned myself whether this is a time for me to date and decided to wait until the drama ended. I genuinely like Yoo In Na. Shortly after that the two were photographed on a late night date.

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