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Lauren and kent dating 2012

He's changed and stretching when Neil finds him for the five minute warning.

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I came in, and I read in front of the producers with six other actors, and after that we all had to dance for the part. He can feel his heart speed up at the thought. I really have to use my dancing to get my foot in the door. His nerves kick up a notch and he can feel his heart pounding with the adrenaline.

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He's holding Lauren's hand and Billy's at his back, and then Alex says he's going to miss them all, he says Kent's nameand the tears come, he knew they would, but they hurt all the same. He's tired to his bones, and for a split second he thinks of asking to knock off early. He hops onto the counter and steals a peapod. He doesn't know what he expected, but Neil sure isn't it.

Or at least a day or two. So it's been such a challenge, but I love to really surprise myself with what I can do with a character in the scene.

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Kent looks at Neil, who's grinning with that boyish sort of charm he generally exudes, except when he's dancing. He grabs on to Neil's arms because his are shaking, and then Neil's hands are on his body, supporting and guiding and keeping him from falling down, just like when they're dancing.

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Travis does a little quickstep when Neil takes a bigger prep than he expected, and even though Travis is tiny, Neil gets high enough to practically brush his toes on the ceiling. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

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I'm not sure I buy the friend story. Travis runs after Neil, shoving him hard enough that Neil stumbles a little and doesn't turn around on time.

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Kiki honestly should have left this week but it seems like he, Lex, Taylor, and Logan are going to be The dance goes perfectly and Kent's still not sure, even as he bring his face closer and closer to Lauren's, that he'll have the guts to kiss her. That's exactly why you're perfect for this routine.

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Maybe if they gave him a week. In a season that featured a reworked format — plus two serious injuries that forced two dancers to bow out — recent high school grad Froderman beat out Boyd plus Robert Roldan19, who finished in third.

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