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Hear someone you like? You can send them a private message or request for Live Connection if you like.

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Free Trial for Men. Relax and take your time, because the best greetings get the most responses!

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Voices are much better dating site than texts. Livelinks men are confident and find bold, playful women attractive. Guys, you are all set with this feature.

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Just skip the message! Personalize a direct private message by addressing him by name. Start by calling your local Livelinks phone number. Men on Livelinks are looking for personal connections that are genuine, playful and a bit exciting. Women can start chatting anytime without any formal membership. Your greeting is the first impression you make to the men on Livelinks. Don't see your city?

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No credit card information required. Watch out for her on livelinks. The system will issue you a new Free Female Membership to use anytime, anywhere. Send them a message! Please upgrade your browser to improve your experience on Livelinks.

What is Offline Messaging?

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Who Is It For? You can respond to anyone or everyone! Keep the conversation flowing with genuine curiosity.

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Explore different sides of you! Find someone really special? Share your best features, interests, and passions.

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No online profiles- enjoy your chats dating site they are secure. Experience what you want!

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Livelinks is always free for women. How old do I have to be to call Livelinks?

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Rest assured that your experience on Livelinks is as private and secure as you make it. You can use Livelinks without a membership, but you miss out on some exclusive, membership-only, features like offline-messaging, hot-listing, re-usable greetings and more.

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What you do is between you two. Draw him out by asking questions and sharing about you. Listen to your new chat messages in your Quest Chat Mailbox Press 2: