One direction quiz who will you hook up with ‘If You’re Five Boys, You Can Do Anything’: An Oral History Of One Direction

One direction quiz who will you hook up with

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All of his songs were him bragging about the incredible powers that total abstinence gave him, like prehensile hair and sideways levitation. They tried locking us in, but we were very strong, and so fast.

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Without Zayn, the energy in the band was off. It was just time. Zayn Malik One Direction vocalist: His incredible powers and marketing hook were both gone in a career-ending instant.

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Our fans were a little intense. It was totally disrespectful to us and our fans.

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Harry started really leaning into his rock star persona. So I set my sights much higher, to five things.

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When we parked, the radiator would drip enough water that a puddle would form by my head and I could lick it up. I actually auditioned as a nearsighted butler.

One Direction was done. We were each looking for ways to flex our individuality. I found an envelope one day, stitched inside the lining of my suitcase.

I knew things were coming to a close when I realized I was being hunted.

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I just have awful Chernobyl sperm. As the band matured, I tried to craft a look for them that reflected that.

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They came naturally from who we already were. When I reached for her name, pain like a chisel split my mind. Harry Styles One Direction vocalist: They needed each other.

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I tried to remember something, anything, but it all fled from my grasp like rats from a burning house. Then Liam and the tour bus were in love.

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I had to keep my neck rigid for hours or my head would scrape the road at full speed. Plus, Madame assigned me to scraping the grease bins, which everyone knows is the worst chore, because she insists that haughty boys should learn their place.