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Bernie still opens conversations with fun and random questions, and within a couple months time we'll be turning on the ability for Bernie to dating automation a conversation based on the context of a match's profile picture. Rachel took a moment to answer and then delivered the "bad news" in an unsympathetic voice. Her actions do not equate to love.

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My heart skipped a beat as I thought "Ahhhhh Ya Baby! As a matter of fact she is not going to be in my life anymore after tonight. Is this it for me? I came home later that night and spent no less than 5 hours in front of the computer reading profiles and sending heartfelt messages to some girls and highly detailed and customized messages to others using my templates. Automating Tinder with Artificial Intelligence Back in I was absolutely frustrated with online dating and tried to automate everything.

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I've been taking a stab at computer vision and convolutional neural networks. By using Genie this customer was able to save considerable time and manual labor and achieve a result far superior to doing the same task manually without Genie.

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Cindy is a beautiful brunette with a fit body, lovely smile, warm heart and a genuine love and affection for me! I dread coming home at night and would rather be at work.

I drove home half in a daze much like a zombie behind the wheel. The software is my dream come true.

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I suck at writing online dating messages. The second reason I am selling this software is because I spent a lot of damn money to create it and I want to recover part of my investment!

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I have failed at online dating before. Testimonials Guys like you are dating automation more hot women thanks to Genie!

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You too can have beautiful women in your life. I raced from my bed to the office a room away early the next morning, almost kicking the cat in a exodus to get to my computer as soon as humanly possible! Then one day at lunch one of my colleagues mentioned that he had met his fiance on Match and wanted to know if I wanted to come to his wedding?

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Then I purchased Online Dating Genie and immediately begun meeting beautiful women in my city. I put in a call to a good friend of mine who is a "super-star" DJ in Miami to come play at my gay dating leamington. Of all the guests I invited, Rachel was the only one that truly mattered to me and she had just given me some lame excuse as to why she would be missing my "big night" after promising me for weeks she would come.