Seo kang joon dating Who is Seo Kang-Joon’s Girlfriend? Lovelife about Seo Kang-Joon from 5urprise

Seo kang joon dating

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He appeared on few other television series in the same year. A guy will rarely call someone he likes a noona, the reporter said, but Alice smartly denied it and said their kang joon dating is more of a hyung-dongseang relationship. And "5urprise" all over her face hahahaha!!

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Even though she is older than him, he had never called her noona which opens up a possibility that Seo probably likes or is having a relationship with her. Alice likes to consider herself a hyung.


Sure except scandal has a different meaning in Korea. I'm so easygoing that our agency's 5urprise members completely treat me like I'm a man.

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Almost as easily as they throw around charges of "plagiarism. For the first show featuring a male celebrity, there will be a female guest, namely former virtual girlfriend and Girls Generation member Yuri. Yuri found it hard to understand Seo Kang-Joon.


Who has girlfriend in EXO? And what started this shit anyway?

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I just love how they always do what I tell them to. From the Shop Shop More. Enjoy my magnanimous gesture. Why is it that every time I school some moron they come up with this multiple accounts thing? I'm going to give you the last word and a chance to retain some modicum of dignity careful, it's all you have left.

Maybe you should check our pages before you go getting all gangster up in here. Grow up you stunted baegchi.

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BigBlueagain Not really, sometimes girls that are easy going like HERSELF claims like it better that way, you are implying that any straight male would treat her like a woman even if she feels comfortable the other way around? Alice reiterated, " It's nothing like that.

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