Speed dating business cards When Dating Turns Dangerous

Speed dating business cards

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For something young professionals just starting out, the art of networking can be especially mystifying. Everything you need to become a successful planner of these unique singles events is offered in our products and services. Upgraded overnight shipping available. The event lasted for an hour and a speed dating business cards, allowing businesses and potential clients to make contacts, exchange information and plan to meet again later. The Kit allows individuals and venue owners to plan and host speed dating events with all the tools and resources needed to make a successful event.

Sales managers know that it may take several cold calls, either in person or over the phone, before face-to-face contact is made. A business may spend countless hours trying to find a vendor that meets their needs, but in 90 seconds, they may get an impression that tells them whether a vendor would be a good fit.

The Original Speed Dating Kit

Speed Dating Comes to the Business World. You've probably been to one of those networking events where you meet people, strike up conversations, collect a handful of business cards, then never actually follow up and connect with those people again.

Thank you for staying connected. It's like an online version of speed dating for professional networking. We give users a whole ecosystem for creating contacts and turning those into real business relationships. Jen Roup Director of Client Acquisition susanjcampbell.

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This is true in the dating world, but it is also the next step in the business world. It saves both parties money and effort in their search for business partners. The concept was, in fact, quite similar to speed dating. Enter Brazen Careerist, the company bringing networking to turf the Generation Y set knows speed dating business cards well: Our focus is on younger people, those just starting out in their careers who may not have a lot of business contacts. Email support for using the kit is always available.

Use this time to speak with our speed dating event experts about hosting your singles event and tips for success. These resources will be invaluable to starting up your speed dating event business.

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As a longtime angel investor, Edward Barrientos was looking for a new company to get involved with in when he learned about Brazen Careerist, then located in Madison, Wis. He loved the concept and invested, and when they asked him to come on as chief executive, he agreed. To make this even more challenging, we must attract new users without spending too much on each one to do so.

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Building a network is crucial to success and we're providing young people with the right tools to do it well. The 80 professionals in attendance were coordinated to meet and exchange information in 90 second intervals. You can print these items if you choose. Every 90 seconds, you get to move on to someone new. Price includes Free Ground shipping on all kits.

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We also give you the tools to follow up with your new contacts. Very fast turnaround and a company that genuinely cares about the product they send out.