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I've been to a couple of sites that offer speed dating in Moscow, some at speed dating moscow expats and some at extortionate prices. Comfortable atmosphere to meet interesting people.

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You need this book in your life. I actually wanted to select number 3, but fucked up oddly enough, I put another two down as well but my friend pointed out that I had selected the wrong numbers.

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So instead of wasting a whole evening on a dud partner why not go on loads of two-minute dates and then take the pick of the bunch home with you - assuming that they feel the same way of course! At the end of each mini-date MC or DJ rings a bell to signal women to move on to the next date.

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Matreshka Party June 27th at 7 p. Inspired by Agile Moscow Meetup. The one i went to was kind of lame, but then again, probably all speed dating is somewhat on the lame side Post a Comment. Russian dating on https: GeekDev We're Heroes. I saw pairs of two at every table but there were also some men sitting alone.

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Moscow English Club We're Cool kids. He was already flirting with the lady but now disturbed. Add a widget for Moscow Fast Dating Club to your website and get more reviews! Any actual substantial responses from people who know the subject?

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Where else in Moscow can you meet similarly aged singles over the course of a couple of hours? Email for details of next event. He say too me why did you come here do you not have nice women at home as if we do not have one million Russian people at our home, men or woman This is what happent more men are attending the event and the organization accepts any number of people regardless of the balance of men or woman.

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Results 1 to 11 of Kitai-gorod, Slavianskaya sq bld 2 24th March Saturday 6 pm: Moving on, we found the place and luckily it was very close. Speed dating a-la Moscow 9: Moscow Fast Dating Club has 0 votes. This is not how speed dating works in Europe and America.

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Moscow Java User Group aka jug. We invite you to join us for a fast-paced evening of meeting new singles, enjoying great drinks, and non-stop laughter! Try a better approach to Russian.

Tags for this Thread datinggoodmoscowspeed dating moscow expats. Of course, the problem is that my match was an accident.

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Single women and men are rotated to meet each other over a series of short dates lasting from 5 to 10 minutes.