Students dating teachers Should teachers date students?

Students dating teachers

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What school s did you attend and where? Last edited by BlinkingDuck; at I don't love her and we don't have a major connection but I think we got along well enough, I liked history and we occasionally chatted, should I try to get into contact with her and ask her on a date?

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Find all posts by alphaboi Three days before I went off to college just an hour or so away from homewe went on a student dating teachers to the ocean. Ahh so jealous lool.

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I wish this would happen to me, but instead I spend my days thinking about him instead of being with him. S ophie has always cursed the teacher who seduced then abused her when she was a schoolgirl.

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Even there, dating a student not one of yours was extremely frowned upon. The teacher will risk his reputation and even face legal charges and be prosecuted.

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Eventually people started realizing we were dating and some people were like "hey you're dating Ms. Should I keep the battle going to get him charged or drop it and leave it in their hands?? I can't believe it. Is it really happened? Can u like help me with my teacher he feels the same way about me but I'm too young for him.

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Switch to Threaded Mode. I hope you enjoy my story as much as I enjoyed yours!

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Some states are looking to increase penalties, expand background checks or broaden their ability to police charter schools for abuse, like Indiana, Massachusetts and Utah. You just graduated high school and there are so students dating teachers guys out there that you'd be missing on-" I cut him off and pushed him on his back, then laid on his chest.

Our 12 year age difference gives us different stories and experiences to share, and I enjoy his fresh perspective on life.

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