T-54 first prototype matchmaking T-54 first prototype

T-54 first prototype matchmaking

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It will suit well both rookies freshly out of the training camp, and veterans of numerous tank battles who have already mastered the T and T Its one of those tanks where speed maneuverability armour and gun are all good enough to get the job done. Sees Tier X battle Poor acceleration and top speed Relatively low HP Subpar AP shell penetration Turret shot trap might reflect shells into thin hull roof Performance In short, the T First Prototype is effectively a T with increased armor and hit points at the expense of mobility and speed, or a Type 59 with reduced gun mantlet protection, increased upper hull plate, better gun handling, and full matchmaking.

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Retrieved from " http: If you insist on first prototype matchmaking head to head with heavies then you are playing it wrong. Who dug this old thread up after being started almost one year ago.

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It is a really nice tank a litle bit too slow but very reliable front. For equipment, I ended up using optics, a gun rammer and a vertical stabilizer to help with the poor dispersion characteristics. BadCaseOfDerpes, on Jul 05 - The tank underwent trials in March and Aprilbut first prototype matchmaking entered mass production.

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These differences are taken into account in tooltip boxes. Jimbodiah 10 Posted 05 May - If you unfollow this topic you will no longer receive any notifications.

This tank can hardly follow, let alone lead, a wolf pack of medium tanks to capture key areas on the map. The gun seems to roll low on the penetration averages most of the time I have noticed. If you position your vehicle at an angle to a firing opponent, the hull of the T first prototype can deflect shots even from some Tier X vehicles at times.

Destroyed by a shot Turboninja20 WN8: Matchmaking As with all premium tanks, relative "value" must be gauged through the prism of matchmaking. Gremlin 9 Posted 05 May - However, some other sources mention another date—January Fight the enemy tams tanks that you are able to the rest are not your problem.

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I have both, I have played over 3k games in my Type I ended up liking the T first prototype quite a bit. Sources and External Links. Much better than T in my opinion, and my favorite premium tank.

Your armour is great your gun just fine if you fail then it's you, not the tank.

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External Reviews and Opinions. It's hardly worth bothering replying to this as the OP has retreated and hasn't bothered to defend his comments. T fist prototype needs a serious buff.

Wot T-54 First Prototype Matchmaking

The upper glacius is mm sloped at 60 degrees, giving you mm effective armor. Your account has been suspended. Destroyed by a shot ecclessiarch WN8: You do trade a little mobilitybut I also carry coated optics over vents.

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I am thinking about swapping the vents out for Coated Optics as I have noticed I am getting hit a lot by tanks I can't spot until they fire. It has an accuracy of 0. Not sure where to go with this if you think the T is awful For consumables, I used an automatic fire extinguisher, small repair kit and a small first aid kit.