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Kissing is like crack-cocaine to this boy, so of course he swoops in to moisten Amy.

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Lauren is broken hearted from her break up with Jessie. Split and merge into it. While friends and family of Amy's realize they have forgotten her birthday the previous day, Betty gives Ben an old ring of hers in order for Ben to give it to Adrian.

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Retrieved March 29, Amy reveals that she's not in a rush to get married. They get together in season three episode 10 I think, when Amy goes to new York and Ricky visits her. Amy and Ricky later have an altercation when Ricky asks for more time with John and equal custody.

George visits Kathleen, his previous wife. Ruben and Cindy will darbyshire dating Adrian has fled, and Madison believes Jack is cheating.

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Season 1, Episode Finally, aided by Grace and Ben, Amy makes the decision to return to her high school and continue her freshman year as a teenage mother Back to School Special. They started dating in the episode-"Rules of Engagment" which is in the third season, episode Amy gets upset over this, and Ben tries to protect Adrian by talking to Amy, but Ricky insists it's a girl fight and they have to stay out of it.

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Though she gets support from her friends and family including Ricky who decides to stay at her house while shes in New York to watch John. Retrieved April 26, Jack admits to his coach that he had sex with Madison and as soon as he started having sex with her he wanted to stop.

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Elsewhere, Amy gets invited to a musical program in New York for the summer that would presumably help her get into Juilliardbut decides not to go because of John; Adrian tells Ashley that she plans to have an abortion; and Ricky forces Ben to face the truth about Adrian's pregnancy.

Ben and Amy together. Is the X Factor rigged? On the night of his graduation, he is valedictorian and he calls her up to propose to her. Jack's parents tell him that they are moving to Phoenix, Arizona.

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Zoe confronts Adrian about her secret and threatens to reveal the news to the school, but Grace steps in to defend her friend.

Retrieved April 5, Amy lies to Ricky and her own family, as well as their friends saying they are married. She says she wants to be madly in love when she gets married. Season 1, Episode 5 7. Why do people not care about people freaking about the fear of death?

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