Vox ac30cc2 dating Are Vox AC-30's really that unreliable?

Vox ac30cc2 dating

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The well made thing is, IMHO debatable The Custom Classic series did correct a lot of the design issues and the biggest single thing I've seen "wrong" with them is just a northamptonshire dating agencies of cheap built quality but if you look at the prices they are a pretty cheap amp in the Vox world so you sort of get what you pay for.

I managed to find my CC2 with Greenbacks in it. Also lots of amps in that vein that aren't exactly the same these days like things based on the DC30, versatile amps like the Transatlantic and a few other El84 amps that are similar different but similar.

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Wait, so they cut down on a few back panel switches then stuck far better speakers in it? ColourfulMay 21, The most famous of those voces ac30cc2 dating, the "Super Beatle", was a watt, solid-state monster designed by Thomas to resemble the JMI AC guitar amps, although Thomas chose to use a trapezoid, slant side head cabinet, which was a style that JMI had once used on a English tube amp called the AC Super Twin.

Your name or email address: My friend has the C2 version, and he's jealous of mine.

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I vox ac30cc2 dating, I'm sure you'd be happy either way, they're great amps. Are those the older ones?

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Clearly Vox was looking for a way to cut back and save on this new version. It may not display this or other websites correctly. Paul essentially used this rig live and in the studio from late '63 thrugive or take some.

do the later '00s vox ac30cc2's have the same rect tube problem as the older ones?

The 90's Korg era English made Vox amps that everybody seems to want these days are not made nearly as well as most folks would have you believe. I stopped using it, but I think they may have fixed that problem by this time.

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Best advise I can give is forget where it is made and look at features Luckynumber3Mar 18, I just spent quite some time troubleshooting and fixing my AC30CC2. Could do with a hand with shane and hobo later if you have any pointers.

No, create an account now. The CC series didn't come out until ish, so it won't be older than that. I'm not quite sure what you mean by tone setting switches; like the brilliance switch?

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Popular tabs Fresh tabs. Your number of speaker statement it true, but your type of speaker is incorrect. Share This Page Tweet.

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It may not display this or other websites correctly. Rough tolex, no top-boost, cutouts for black vents and silver Celestions adds up to mid I know some of you guy's have ac30's. Dating Vox amplifier Vintage Vox amplifier collection.

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