Who does blaine hook up with on glee Blaine Anderson

Who does blaine hook up with on glee

When they enter a strange elevator, online dating in mn are locked in. A Very Glee Christmas.

While walking through Central Park, Blaine reveals that he had sex with Eli. Blaine says, "I love you so much" to which Kurt replies, "I love you too," they share a loving embrace and all is forgiven.

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Kurt and Blaine are at the Lima Bean having coffee and teasing each other. Shortly after the performance of Rather Bea devastated Blaine reveals that Dalton Academy has burned down, leaving the Warblers without a school to attend to. They all agree to try to help her.

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Blaine suggests that he gets close to Elliott, quoting "Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. When Kurt praises him, June tells Kurt he's a good friend, supporting Blaine after everything that's happened.

Mike speaks up saying that Blaine has been texting him, but Kurt has still not replied.

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Kurt wonders what it's like to fly for the first time, and tells Blaine that relationships are like that - you never know what day the person you've given your heart to will drop it like a stone. Sam agrees that it is time for him to "conquer the city.

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It's funny how many people want to see these boys hook up. Inhe is still a Warbler and speaking with a fellow Warbler, who is obviously gay but denies it when Blaine assumes he is. He says he couldn't wait any longer and missed Kurt so much.

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Though permission is given and the doll is made, it is soon yanked away by Sue, who warns Blaine not to put his hand in butt of any puppet, or he will be in a world of trouble. After he walks away, they are left confused. After Figgins accuses Kurt of stuffing the ballot box, he leaves crying and bumps into Finn and Racheltelling them he lost the election and that he has to find Blaine, knowing that he'll comfort him. While waiting for his date at a restaurant, Kurt flashes back to the night he broke off their engagement and has an epiphany: They meet up at his locker where Kurt instantly becomes enamored with him as he recognizes Cooper from his credit rating commercials.

Archived from the original on March 18, Kurt wonders why Sebastian always seems to be there. Kurt remains oblivious to Blaine's feelings as the council finalizes the decision and congratulates him. In the locker room, Sam reveals that he has whom doe blaine hook up with on glee to tell Blaine, but is too embarrassed, leading Blaine to speculate that Sam is in love with him.

Cand this seems to make him feel awkward. After taking the verbal oath, Blaine notices that Becky is acting strange and questions her, but she rebuffs him.

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Will also announces that April will be joining them. Blaine is extremely emotional during his performance, leading Kurt to realize that something is very wrong.

The two take comfort in one another as they join the New Directions in the auditorium where they perform Say. As the series showrunner, Murphy felt tasked with keeping the two apart as long as possible.

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Singing, Performing, Dancing, Leadership Weaknesses: Sam mentions that he and Mercedes have not had sex yet and that he would like to get tested for STDs to ensure he has a "clear bill of health" should the time come. After the performance, he receives a message on Facebook from someone named Eli.

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In the end, they do not win at Regionals, mostly due to one of the judges' homophobic views, and New Directions advance to Nationals. The New Directions, Kurt's old glee club, moves on.

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Blaine is at the piano with Artie when Will walks into the choir room and informs the New Directions about their competition at Regionals. When Kurt asks if anyone wants to catch a matinee, Blaine apologizes saying he doesn't have the time as June has him busy with dinners and rehearsals. She is afterwards lectured by Will and her friends, including Blaine, for not complying with the assignment and interfering with the performance. During Rachel's performance of Peoplethe couple is shown walking the New York streets and buying some flowers, and sitting next to each other during their new traditional Monday dinner with Sam, Rachel, and Artie.

Later at the loft Kurt is seen pacing back and forth trying to help Artie who had just been mugged.